Grow Your Skills

Stay up to date with industry’s fast changing environment. Learn about new technologies & working practices. Get qualified to meet industry standards.

Get Your Ticket.

Qualifications are at the center of working in industry. Choose from a wide variety of tickets and qualifications available. SDS has everything you need to continually update and add to your skills to keep yourself in the best jobs and well paid.

Industry Trainers.

SDS Training has some of the best and most experienced trainers in the industry. With real life, hands on experience, you will be learning and getting Certifications from Australia’s leading trainers.


SDS Training leads the training industry when it comes to helping people reach their industry and career goals.

We train onsite or at your location with courses that can propel your career growth, help you upskill and more!

Straight From The Mouth Of Our Students:

“Hi all, just like to say that I had a great experience with SDS. In particular Brendan, his approach to training on the road and attitude made my experience the best i could of asked for. Would highly recommend any training with you guys. Will be back soon. Thanks again.”

“The combination of Russell and Brendan as heavy vehicle coaches is brilliant, the relaxed nature of Russell helps with beginners nerves (I had many) and Brendan’s direct and proactive teaching rounds out an excellent combination! 5 stars from me! Cheers guys!”

“I really like the range of practical courses that open so many career opportunities. Their training delivery is flexible, work and outcome focused, giving participants great value-for-money. We are blessed to have such a passionate high performance RTO in our region. Well done and big thank you to Team SDS!”

“Highly recommended SDS for all training! Especially Russell my trainer, easy going fella and overall great teacher. I’ve learnt a lot today!
Thanks guys!!”

“Cannot recommend these guys enough! Brendan and the girls in the office do a fantastic job! 1 shotted my license under Brendan’s instruction great work!”

SDS Training Clients:



SDS Training leads the industry training field and has the courses to help you accelerate your career.

Grow Your Skills
Learn Faster
Industry Experts
Get Your Ticket
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courses start from

7 Days

a week training

87 Industries

serviced across Qld

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